poetics, n.   A treatise on or study of poetry or aesthetics, a dimension of creativity and the emergence of imagination.  Architectural poetics embodies the sentiment and structure of poetry and music as it is applied to the built environment.

Poetics, to me, is an appreciation for and the recognition of nothingness in the material world, a recognition of the sacred ground of being - a manifestation of inspiration that percolates from the depths of becoming, and penetrates through the divine veil onto the surface of the psyche. My designs provide opportunities to experience the silence of the inner world of intersubjectivity, where the subjective I greets the subjective You, the mirror, the reflection of our shadow selves. It is a recognition of our integrated Self in others. It is through this mirror that we begin the journey into Being. Rather than seeing the exterior world as a collection of individual objects, the Other is recognized not in the world but in the space of union and integration with our projected self on the mental platform of our own individuated imagination.

We become unified AT the moment of transition through the threshold of processional ritual. Using ancient geometry generated from the poetic transposition of the environmental forces available on the site, an asemic symbolic language is created; a language which informs me of form and the dynamics of the site, and with a careful eye on the programmatic habits of the unfettered contemplative mind of my client, my designs provide places for meeting and conversation with the surfaces and edges of reality.  Utilizing and comingling essential elements, I use the colors and textures of materials to produce a unified field of remembrance, a sober flash of interpersonal reflectance, a bed of roses in which we lay our head and collect our selves. I create ever-evolving vignettes, separate experiential realities transfigured with a turn of the head and a sideways glance. I design places for moments, rudimental complexities that change in time of day and season; each moment the simultaneous destruction and creation of pragmatic reality and the sequentially unfolding manifold of dreams.


See banner below for additional information on how I define poetics.  The following comprises a collection of some of my most prolific writing and testimony.