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Madness Overrated

By: Esra Kus

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 11, 2017)

Madness Overrated explores the mad dynamics of the consumption-based, growth-driven world and its undeniably powerful role in affecting virtually every aspect of our lives and reshaping our existence as humans. 

The book presents deep-reaching observations on the human mind as it undergoes various changes while adapting to everything imposed onto it by society in the name of progress, productivity, and growth. 

The author encourages the readers to ask themselves honest questions about the mad lives we live and thereby rediscover our natural curiosity to look inquisitively behind the facades of the many illusions we were made to believe. She presents her vision for what the world looks like when experienced by balanced humans and what it means to really grow and make progress as a global society.

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​Being of sound mind and judgement, I am shifting my solutions-driven business away from mainstream architecture and planning. Over the past several months, I have undergone a deep change in my professional ambitions, having been cyber-attacked and terrorized I have realized a need for a more fundamental type of architecture, a softer lifestyle, one that puts comfort and survival over consumerism and elitism.  I have asked "what does the future look like?  What does society really need?  There is no need to reinvent the house, so in what ways can we design for a sustainable life beyond the mainstream?  Does one really need to pat themselves on the back for designing with the environment in mind?"  I have no answers, no more solutions.  What I offer here are prolific ideas, heart-felt soliloquies, renderings of hope, soulful resources for living beyond the holocaust to come.

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"But alongside an architecture that breaks beyond its boundaries and redefines itself, we need an architecture of silence."

                                                                    -- Juhani Pallasmaa, 1990

Specialized interests include intersubjective and interobjective design theory, interoperability, intelligent environments, ecological and evolutionary design, biomimicry, Geographic Information Systems, and ancient geometry. ​

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