Architectural Consulting and Research

Brett M Wilbur, MS

Theoretics and Poetics

Areas of Interest:

  • Architecture After Meaning - Involuntary Awakening

  • Salience on the Surface of the Psyche - The Poetic Image on the Lip of Insanity

  • Environmental Adaptation, Extreme Environments​, and Advanced Materiality

  • Quantum Consciousness and Post-Materialism​

  • Intersubjectivity, Empathy, and Mirror Neurons​

  • Liminality and Alterity​

Architectural Services:

  • Design

  • ​Project Management

  • Construction Documents

  • Specifications

  • ​Quality Management

  • ​Construction Administration

30 Years of Industry Experience
Residential and Commercial

Full architectural design and consultation solutions for owners, architects, engineers, and specialty consultants.

Qualifications and Explanation:

Over the past several years, I have undergone a deep change in my professional ambitions. I am no longer interested in revolutionizing the world of architecture. I no longer idealize the profession as I once did. My delusion has faded. Like the Dark Night of the Soul, awakening to this realization has been painful, tedious, and somewhat isolating. I am not admitting defeat, only that my career path has evolved. I will always fall back on my professional experience as a means to finance this new academic direction, but I am fearfully opposed to supporting the dogma of consumerism any longer. I will write about it eventually; about the objectification of architecture, about the materialistic values of our society and how they generate apathy for the environment, but for now I have my mind set on more pertinent issues: human survival and the proliferation of consciousness. I grope for meaning, for understanding, and for reckoning. Are we, as a species, at the end of our time?  Can we recover from the political, environmental, and humanitarian shame brought upon this planet? Is there a way out, and if so, how will that affect us psychologically as individuals, and socially and culturally as a civilization?   What I offer here, I call inspired cognition - prolific ideas, soliloquies of probability, calculated renderings - which coalesce from what I can only describe as the deep nothingness of becoming. It is at once part scientific and part creative imagination, though I am not a physicist or a neurologist, not a biologist or a computer programmer.  I am an architect, and I study the mother of the arts. My only hope is that I offer soulful resources for living beyond the Holocaust to come.

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Brett M Wilbur, MS

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