I have extensive experience with the following services:

  • programming and design,

  • contract implementation,

  • construction documentation and administration,

  • permit acquisition and code analysis,

  • quality control review,

  • quality assurance training,

  • specification writing,

  • material selection and evaluation, and

  • sustainability.

​Specialized interests include architectural poetics and intersubjective design theory, ecological and evolutionary design, biomimicry, Geographic Information Systems, and ancient geometry. ​

Janjic Architecture | Denver

​Studio OS - Obermeier Sheykhet Architecture | Denver

Page Southerland Page | Houston, Denver

PBK | Houston

​Hermes Architects | Houston

​Design Tech Associates | San Francisco

​Dahlin Group | San Francisco

With the legalization of recreational-use marijuana, a bourgeoning market has erupted in Colorado and California, and across the United States.  The new government administration has made it unclear for Colorado and California, as well as the other legalized States, as to the future enforcement of the current programs and federal requirements.  However local governing agencies and state officials are prepared to fight for the States rights to develop medical and recreational  facilities in States where marijuana has been legalized.

Metaphorms is prepared to assist you in any phase of your project, from programming and planning, to zoning, design, and permitting, all the way through construction.

Codes are being addressed to allow for the cultivation,  processing and sales of cannabis and cannabis-related products.  Architects need special knowledge of the intricacies and dynamics of the law and the building codes involved.   I can help you decipher the building codes specific to your installation and help you navigate the permitting process, whether it be a grow facility, a processing plant, retail sales establishment, or smoker-friendly night club. 

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Cannabis Industry

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30 Years of Industry Experience
​Residential and Commercial

Hi, I'm Brett. I believe the sign of a successful project is not found in the Architect's good idea or intentions, but rather in the client's complete satisfaction. Here, at Metaphorms, good is not good enough!

Whether the goal is award-winning design or corporate branding, efficiency and use of space, functionality and durability, or overall process implementation; whether motivated by economics or prestige, understanding what the client values is the driving force behind each unique design idea. With 30 years of accountability in the industry helping clients achieve their goals without compromising design integrity, I can help you too!

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Brett M Wilbur, Architect

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"But alongside an architecture that breaks beyond its boundaries and redefines itself, we need an architecture of silence."

                                                                    -- Juhani Pallasmaa, 1990

Specializing in Design for the Cannabis Industry

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